White-Collar Criminal Defense

Ms. Carvlin has extensive experience defending clients in white-collar federal and state prosecutions, including cases alleging securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, mortgage fraud, insider trading and money laundering. Recently, she was co-counsel in a highly publicized case that presented a ground-breaking issue to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit: whether a violation of §10b-5 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 necessarily entails a breach of a fiduciary duty.

Drug Trafficking

From state arrests for possession of small amounts of marijuana to federal prosecutions for large international importation and distribution of narcotics, Ms. Carvlin has defended a diverse array of drug cases. She is well versed in the latest challenges to the scientific validity of forensic evidence. In a related field, Ms. Carvlin launched the first challenge in the Second Circuit to the constitutionality of the federal moneylaundering statutes.


Ms. Carvlin has been involved in some of the most significant RICO prosecutions brought in the Southern District of New York in the last decade. Her clients have included individuals the government alleged were members of the Mafia, leaders of a violent narcotics distribution gang in the Bronx, as well as participants in a robbery crew that obtained millions of dollars by successfully robbing drug dealers. Ms. Carvlin won a reversal of a client’s RICO conviction in the Second Circuit, successfully arguing that the government had not established the elements necessary to sustain a RICO conviction.

Assets Forfeiture

Several of the lead cases in the assets-forfeiture area in the Second Circuit have been defended by Ms. Carvlin. Her clients included an attorney from whom the government sought forfeiture in excess of $6,000,000, as well as an individual the government claimed was a boss of one of the five Mafia families in New York City. In that case, she was successful in persuading the District Court to reduce the $11,400,000 forfeiture the government sought.

Appellate and Post-Conviction Practice

Unlike many criminal practitioners, Ms. Carvlin is as comfortable arguing before a panel of appellate judges as she is pleading a case to a jury. For the past fifteen years, she has presented some of the most novel issues to the state and federal courts in New York, including the constitutionality of the federal money-laundering statute, the requirements of the federal RICO statute and the validity of New York State law banning gay marriage. Ms. Carvlin also is seasoned in the more obscure area of post-conviction practice, including federal habeas and New York state 440 actions.