Stephanie Carvlin

Stephanie Carvlin crafts cutting-edge defense strategies for clients facing federal or state criminal prosecutions. An experienced litigator, Ms. Carvlin has been involved in some of the leading cases in New York including prosecutions of clients accused of financial fraud, terrorism, racketeering and narcotics trafficking. In addition to trying cases in state and federal courts, Ms. Carvlin manages a wide-ranging appellate and post-conviction practice. She has argued extensively in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and the New York State Appellate Divisions. Her cases have often presented ground-breaking legal issues.

Ms. Carvlin’s approach is simple:

Work harder than the government.
Be more aggressive than the opposition.
Bring a subtle touch to cases when doing so will get the client the right result.

Jury's Out
Will dog still be man’s best friend if the state gets its way in Florida v. Jardines? That depends. Is the man in question growing any illegal weed? Franky (yes, they name them), the Miami-Dade Police Department’s marijuana-detecting Labrador, got all twitchy after sniffing at the front door of what police suspected was a pot house. On the strength of Franky’s nostrils and his wagging tail, police obtained a warrant. Debates about the reliability of dog detection notwithstanding, the cops found marijuana inside. Jardines argued that the canine sniff constituted a search. After makings its way through the lower courts, the case was heard by the Florida Supreme Court, which found the sniffing unconstitutional. Florida is urging the United States Supreme Court to grant certiorari. Best bet? The Supremes will want to sink their teeth into this one. They’ve been seeking opportunities to define clearer lines about what level of protection applies to an individual’s home.